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Internet, website, design and consulting services primarily for small and medium-sized businesses and organisations.

My bread and butter is designing and implementing fully delivered website solutions. I can also offer my expertise when you have need for a more inclusive internet strategy, website redesigns and facelifts and social media strategies. I also offer sitebuilding services. More information in Services.

My physical location is in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, virtually and in practice I can offer my services throughout the European Union. With modern communications technology - and effective mutual communication and understanding - the geographical distance doesn't really affect the outcome at all in this industry.

  • Joomlan päivitykset nyt kesähintaan!

    There are no translations available.Nyt päivitykset Joomlan versiosta 1.5 versioon 2.5 (tai tarvittaessa 3.0) kesähintaan alkaen 250€ +alv. Tähän hintaan sisältyy Joomlan järjestelmäpäivitys, sivujen alustatiedoston mukautus toimimaan uudessa Joomlan versiossa sekä 1-3 kolmannen osapuolen laajennusta päivitettynä tai korvattuna yhteensopivalla versiolla.Ei sisällä kieliversioiden päivitystä, eikä 4 tai useampaa sivuilla käytettyä kolmannen osapuolen laajennusta, vaan niistä…
  • Wikipedia Blackout

  • Rethinking stuff

    A long-time interweb friend of mine wrote a lengthy forum reply to me on a forum about rethinking social media. And it was really, I mean really about properly rethinking social media. It began like this: "Mikko: You and/or your cohorts could code this up:[...]" thus I replied, thus realizing I had a blog post for my blog:
  • Android - the honeymoon was already

    In fact it was over already before Christmas, when the initial enthusiasm over smudging the touchscreen and palying Angry Birds started to fade. I finally installed that notorious Samsung Kies-software's new version 2.0. So that is used to transfer data and sync the phone among other things. Well, at least it lives up to its reputation. Sure, I've used worse, but only slightly worse pieces of software. And just enough to find out once again that the data, meaning photos and empeethrees and…
  • Professional Crastination

    Now that I've been an entrepreneur for two years, I guess I should make some kind of introspective deep probing retrospective analysis, which seems to be the thing to do at this phase. But I quite won't. I mean, (by Finnish law) sole proprietorship doesn't even have to make an annual report like a public company has to. I don't even read any sorts of entrepreneuring and success guides, as they only seem to help their authors to succeed at best, if even that. The most important books I've…
  • Tools of the trade

    As a web designer, and a developer, I've come across some nifty apps for my line of work over the years and here's the essential tools of my trade. I'll start off with the one that gets started up first: no, not Photoshop, I am talking about when starting the development phase here. Nope, not Dreamweaver, either, although both of them are essential. First, I fire up the MAMP server. It is just awesome when I'm working on a site and don't want to work on an actual web server all the time and…
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